"Finding Oscar"

A film by Ryan Suffern

In a forgotten massacre during Guatemala’s decades-long civil war, a young boy was spared, only to be raised by one of the very soldiers who killed his family. Nearly 30 years after the tragedy, it will take a dedicated team – from a forensic scientist to a young Guatemalan prosecutor – to uncover the truth and bring justice to those responsible…by finding the missing boy named Oscar.

In 1982, a Guatemalan military dictatorship, enthusiastically supported by the Reagan administration, came to power in a coup and dedicated itself to eradicating a leftist insurgency. In the ensuing civil war, the army massacred an estimated 200,000 peasants. Ryan Suffern’s documentary, produced by Frank Marshall, begins at the remarkable discovery of a witness to one horrific massacre, a discovery that makes it possible for civil rights activists to seek a modicum of justice. In telling this astonishing story, Suffern focuses on the meticulous forensic detective work that was crucial to establishing that the atrocity had occurred, and the relentless work by activists and lawyers, who patiently worked to build a case and bring the perpetrators to justice. In an ironic turn of events, even the American government plays a role in doing what is right.

About the Director
As head of documentaries for The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Ryan Suffern has an active role on a full slate of films. His past projects delve into a variety of diverse issues such as climate change, the LGBT community and child refugees. He and Frank Marshall have collaborated on three commissioned documentaries for ESPN Films. Prior to his start at Kennedy/Marshall, Suffern documented the behind-the-scenes of four Steven Spielberg films. Under his own banner, Suckatash Productions, Suffern has directed and produced a host of music videos, documentaries and web series for the likes of Paramount Pictures, Universal Music and Beggars Banquet.