A film by Manane Rodríguez

Liliana Pereira is returning to her country. There she will have to confront a past which meant persecution, imprisonment and the loss of custody of her son. A victim with other women of systematic violence, Liliana must choose between what her heart demands and what her conscience dictates.

About the Director
Manane Rodríguez was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 1975, during the onset of military dictatorship, she left her country and, after a brief spell in Argentina, settled in Spain. She began her professional career in Madrid and in 1990 directed her first short film, COFFEE SET, based on a short story by Marío Benedetti. In 2016 she will premiere her fifth feature film, BREADCRUMBS.

Notes from the Director
Liliana Pereira, a woman, a character in two periods of her life. Her dreams shattered by a dictatorship that would leave a painful legacy with which she must live her everyday life in the present. A woman who did not give in nor gives in, who at fifty something seeks to resolve her relationship with her son whom she could not raise. A woman who does not give up on justice one day being done.

BREAD CRUMBS does not speak of the companion of some heroic male. Liliana Pereira, the protagonist, is at the centre of this film ́s story, which tells simply her life ́s adventure. With her dreams, setbacks and indefatigable energy when getting back up again.